About Us

Each day, hundreds of electronic gadgets as well as modes of transportation like cars and motorbikes are either lost or stolen. More than half of these never find their way back to their original owners, who give them up as a lost cause. What if we were to tell you that we have created a platform which can give you information about the authenticity of any second-hand gadget or transport you may be considering to purchase.

Yes! We deal with

Yes! This is what we at Stolen.com.pk do. We are the first fraud protection data bank to exist. Through this website, we strive to bring you information regarding any gadget you might be thinking of buying that has been used before. Along with that, we also list down merchandise that has been stolen so that you find it easier to trace your belongings and don’t lose hope on them so soon.

Our goal, in general is to help you when you find yourself in a place you don’t like. It's a difficult place where you're not sure who to go to for advice. At that moment, numerous people are trying to make you listen to them and do as they say, and in the end, more often than not you just let it all fall to pieces instead of actually doing something about it. We are the reason you will remain hopeful after losing a prized possession. This website is the place where you'll want to come to, when you're about to shake hands on a second-hand deal. This is because we have all that you'll be looking for in such cases. We have an area for stolen goods where you can add yours too, and the chances of you getting it back will be pretty high. We also have details regarding second hand merchandise. We have a list which will show you what's authentic and what is not, and which is the best one to select and which one you should definitely avoid.

A question that might arise in those of you reading this page would be "Why would I trust you?"It is a valid question, but we have the perfect answer for you.

Our only purpose is to help you. We have nothing to gain by leading you onto the wrong products, or try to make you buy something which isn't hundred percent efficient.

In the end, it will be your decision, and we will not enforce our ideas upon you. If you file a complaint, it might be days or even weeks before you hear anything about your stolen belonging. By that time, the object in question will either have disappeared out of the country or it would be in the hands of someone completely new with a makeover. Our aim is to get you back your beloved possession without creating too much of a hassle. We ask for basic data regarding your possession before we add it to our data bank, and then you're good to go!

If this still seems too good to be true, then we urge you to try our services at least once. We are sure you will be so satisfied that the next time you require something similar you won't hesitate before coming to us. Our doors are always open for those who are in need!